:: GESTS Grades of Membership

  • Associate GESTS (students 1st-2nd year of the undergratuate studies)
  • Student GESTS Member
     (students after the second year of their undergratuate studies up to their Ph.D. degree)
  • Leading GESTS Member (at least 3 years in the grade of Member)
  • Major GESTS Member (at least 5 years in the grade of Leading Member)
  • Senior GESTS Member (at least 5 years in the grade of Major Member)
  • Fellow GESTS Member
     (The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in Science and technology and shall be conferred only by invitation of the Board of Directors)
  • Honorary GESTS Member
     (Are elected also by the Board of Directors in case of special scientific contribution to society)
  • Dedicated GESTS Member of Peace and Friendship
     (awarded to well-recognized personalities for activities that promoted the Peace and friendship among nations)