:: What is the GESTS

  Dear member

As a general chairman of the board of GESTS (Global Engineering, Science, and Technology Society), I am happy to invite you to become an author of regular paper in GESTS transaction journal. The GESTS was created on August 1st of 2002 for further development of technological sciencesand hosting academic conferences. The GESTS holds international academic conferences and publishes the transaction internationally.

International academic conferences are predominately held online and occasionally off-line. Holding an online academic conference means, thewriter contributes their paper to GESTS sites and then the editorial board of GESTS evaluates the paper. After the evaluation, the society sends the results (whether it is accepted or rejected) to the author(s). The accepted paper will be announced and displayed on GESTS web-sites for a week. The member of GESTS will put comments about the paper on the board of GESTS sites to clarify the papers. Organized by field, the papers will be published as part of the GESTS transaction in each field, six times per year.

Looking forward to seeing your work at the GESTS.
Thank you.

Bruce M. BAE, a general chair,
Global Engineering, Science, and Technology Society.